These are links to articles criticizing those who are either supporting or enabling Putin's war.  Solidarity with Ukraine!


Newest to oldest.  Written by PEP Administrator Stanley Heller unless otherwise indicated.

Claiborne Blasts DN! for Hosting German Apologist for Putin



The Token Ukrainian


Christmas Truce? - Cheryl Zuur



Alfred De ZayasUnfortunate Peace Plan 


Does VJ Prashad Know the Meaning of "Class War"?


Jeffrey Sachs on @DemocracyNow vs. Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin - Clay Claiborne


This is What They Expect Ukraine to Surrender to Russia


Scott Ritter back on Twitter - Defames Ukrainians


“Progressive" Ukraine Effort Gets Annihilated - Thankfully


Solomon Spoils a Vital Message


Democracy Now’s Schizophrenic Coverage of Ukraine


Cease Fire? - A Response to Levien


Roger Waters Spews Out the Tankie Crap on Ukraine


The Call for “Diplomacy” to End the War in Ukraine: A Reply to L. Michael Hager, written by John Reimann


A Defective Petition


Democracy Now Interviews a Putin Apologist


Why Should Anyone Care What Jeffrey Sachs Says about Ukraine?


Andrew Bacevich  Doesn’t want to Call Putin’s Russia Fascist – He’s Wrong


Damn Straight we Want the War “Prolonged”


Chris Hedges is Getting it Very Wrong on Ukraine


Vanden Heuvel on Democracy Now! Repeats False Ukraine “Proxy War” Idea


The Alt-Imperialists


Chomsky Praises Trump as "Statesman"


A Disgusting Official Thinker of Putin's Regime


Harsh Critique of Chomsky on Ukraine


A Response to the Party for Socialism and Liberation - by George Martin Fell Brown of Socialist Alternative


The Tankies New Tactics (part 2)


The Tankies New Tactics


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