The Holodomor: Stalin's precursor to Putin's invasion


SUNDAY, JULY 16, 2023 AT 12 PM EDT

The Holodomor: Stalin's precursor to Putin's invasion

Presented by the Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign.


An online forum featuring Dr. Daria Mattingly.

She's written extensively about the mass deaths of Ukrainians under Stalin in the 1930's


More about her at Revive the Peace Movement (


animated cartoon about those who demand unarmed negotiations 



Russia accuses Ukraine of "nuclear terrorism" over drone strike in Russia in city with nuclear power plant 

One hopes they're lying, but nuclear power plants are a reckless way to generate power.  They should all be demilitarized.


the petition calling for the Zaporizhzhia plant to be demilitarized now has 578 signers

Petition · STOP Ukrainian Nuclear Disaster; UN must establish DMZ at Zaporizhzhia Plant Now ·



Different views on whether Ukraine should use Cluster Bombs



Biden’s Immoral, Indefensible Decision to Send Cluster Bombs to Ukraine

These munitions have no place in war. Just because Moscow is using them doesn’t mean the U.S. should provide them to Ukraine. 



This take on the issue by socialist Anthony Boynton can be considered an answer to that article 


and another point of view of the same site 


June 25, 2023


Russian Rebellion and Putin's Future 


Novaya Gazeta Europe is the newspaper in exile of Dmitry Muratov

     who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 


Sachs Happily on Solovyov's TV Show 

What Does He Think of Solovyov's Call for Nuclear Strikes on Ukraine?

(a blog post by Stanley Heller)

PEP Administrator's Blog 


Communicating with the Left in India 


How Modi's India Profits by Buying Huge Amounts of Russian Oil 


Interesting analysis on Prigozhin's revolt

Thoughts, questions and suspicions about Prigozhin’s revolt 


So the group effecting Putin's policy in Africa was Wagner.

What will that mean for the future?

From the recent past:  Wagner Men Kill 500 in Mali

Russian mercenaries behind slaughter of 500 in Mali village, UN report finds 


Lukashenka’s nuclear card

Lukashenka’s nuclear card. Belarus has been without nuclear weapons for a quarter of a century. Now it’s getting them back — Novaya Gazeta Europe 


We have talked about the Budapest Memorandum and Ukraine.  This article gets

into what it meant for Belarus


Today 5/21 at 11 a.m. Eastern a panel zoom talk on the so-called BRICS nations and why their "leaders" don't support Ukrainian resistance 


See https:/ for details and the link to register

Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign is the sponsor




Stanley Heller takes apart a segment on Democracy Now about an ad in the New York Times by former "high level security officials" who oppose military defense of Ukraine




My comment about the tankie who tried to make it look like Ukrainians were behind an antisemtic attack

She was listed as a "Frequent Contributor" to Mint News Press

She has since been scrubbed, but you can plainly see her name in the screen shots I captured.



awful to see Zelensky shaking hands with Mohammad Bin Salman, the butcher of Yemen


Zelensky says 'some' Arab leaders turn 'blind eye' to Russian invasion (


Didn't he have an alternative?



This Democracy Now Segment was a Stinker


May 20, 2023


Critique of Democracy Now segment with head of group of former "high-level security officials"


Russia wanted a quick victory in Ukraine, and it sent its spies after Ukrainian nuclear power plant workers to make it happen 

check out this Black activist Terrell Jermaine Starr
"Black Americans are fighting white supremacy and Ukrainians are fighting Russian colonialism. On the latest episode of Black Diplomats, I spoke with @MsLaToshaBrown and @razomforukraine
board member Maryna Prykhodko about solidarity building. 
which leads to 

Uranium imports petition stagnant 
Could someone contact "Beyond Nuclear"  and see if they are interested in making a campaign out of this?

Russian anarchist Dimitri Petrov who died on the 19th fighting in the Ukraine army for Ukraine's freedom 

and a tweet I made about those who demand Ukraine give up land for the sake of "peace" 

Gandhi Peace Award going to Kali Akuno of Cooperation Jackson
see  for details 


How Black Liberation and Ukraine Defense Connect Up


Tomorrow Sunday 2/12 at 2 Eastern

"Black liberation and the struggle against Russia's invasion of Ukraine"

Clay Claiborne is one of the speakers. His blog is:

The Struggle Video News this week is called "Telling it Like it Is"

One of the things it features is a Russian exile demolishing the argument that claims Ukraine and "the West" are sabotaging peace

He explains the only way for the war to end is for Russia to get its troops out of Ukraine


Update: Scott Ritter who will speak at the rally below has issued a tweet that should be regarded as genocidal

His tweet and my comment at:

My article blasting an "anti-war" rally on Feb. whose first demand is "Not One More Penny for War in Ukraine"

Unfortunately there are some big names who will speak and they might get a crowd


Two weeks from now at 2 p.m. (Feb. 25)

Fundraiser for the Ukrainian Independent Miners Union


An Anti-War Rally of Knaves and Fools

Feb. 8

Stanley Heller's article blasting an "anti-war" rally on Feb. 19 whose first demand is: "Not One More Penny for War in Ukraine" 

Unfortunately, there are some big names who will speak and they might get a crowd



Ukraine ordering Nuclear Plants

Ukraine claims new Westinghouse reactors will be fast and cheap. The facts speak otherwise
By Linda Pentz Gunter


Obviously, if your country has been invaded by a foreign power, putting your 15 commercial nuclear reactors at risk of destruction that could lead to a massive radioactive release, rendering your country and others beyond uninhabitable, there is only one clear solution: load up with more new nuclear power plants. (Gunter's sarcasm)


Just this past week, the Ukrainian energy minister, Herman Halushchenko, announced that his country had ordered two new Westinghouse AP1000 reactors for the Khmelnytskyi site in the western part of Ukraine. The two reactors currently there already had to be shut down last November after Russian missile attacks put the plant in peril.


Read the complete article



The great stateman Roger Waters (sarcasm) addressed the U.N. Security Council on Feb. 7. [ I am not kidding. ]

He spoke and spoke, but his only message was "Agree to a ceasefire in Ukraine today."

Victory for Ukraine - Preserve a Livable Climate


January 5, 2023


This Sunday Svitlana Romanko, a Ukrainian climate activist, will speak on Zoom in another USSC event.  10:30 Eastern time

Register here: 


Here's an article Romanko wrote in the Los Angeles Times with famed climate activist Bill McKibben 


Romanko and McKibben speak last April on an Avaaz panel

"Stand with Ukraine"


She was on Democracy Now in November after she had been escorted out and banned from COP 27 for denouncing the Russian invasion at a Russian event in Egypt.  


Petition started "Ban U.S. Imports of Russian Uranium"


Petition · The U​.​S. Should Ban the Import of Russian Uranium ·




Jan 16

tankie rally in NYC and several other cities on MLKking Day, trying to use Martin Luther King's reputation to strengthen their Stalinist-pacifist amalgam.  Our next post will talk about efforts to oppose this.




new on the Ukraine Posts website 

The Token Ukrainian

Christmas Truce? - Cheryl Zuur

 Alfred De Zayas' Unfortunate Peace Plan 

 Does VJ Prashad Know the Meaning of "Class War"?

 Jeffrey Sachs on @DemocracyNow vs. Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin - Clay Claiborne


Ukrainian anarchists on the front lines 



Making sense of Ukrainian war memes: From watermelons to Saint Javelin 


good article in "The Nation" about one destroyed Ukrainian town

and how it fears for the winter 



On Holodomor Remembrance Day


It takes place the fourth Saturday of November

You can watch "Mr. Jones" on Amazon Prime. It's a 2019 movie about the true story
of a Welsh reporter who journeyed to Ukraine and secretly reported on the famine

On "The Struggle" at this point. Holodomor Remembrance

Washington Post article from March of this year

Kavita Krishnan on the tankies call for “peace negotiations”

Zelensky's Peace Proposal

Ukraine Remembers a Milestone on the Long Path to Putin’s War

Ukrainian Flags are on Display All Over Maine


attached - cartoon
Ban Russian Uranium Imports


Union members support ILWU's fine stand on Ukraine
They dispute those who would leave Ukraine defenseless


10:30 a.m. Eastern tomorrow, Sunday 10/23
Indian Leftist Kavita Krishnan to speak on Ukraine via zoom
It's now up on You Tube


Russia Stole Half a Billion Dollars of Ukrainian Grain 

Walkie, Russian Rapper Who Opposed War in Ukraine, Dies of Suicide at 27 After Being Drafted 

Ukrainian Conductor in Kherson Killed for Refusing to Perform for Russian Occupiers 


Sunday 10/2 at noon Eastern. Hear Russian exile Ilya Budraitsksis on zoom
Program sponsored by Ukrainian Solidarity Socialist Campaign
For details or to register go to 


Hear Ilya Budraitsksis' interview on Democracy Now (from July) 


Russian Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muratov in Connecticut
article by Stanley Heller 


Alexei Navalny (Russian political prisoner) 

A Critical Look at a CODEPINK flyer 


Mobilization. Novaya Gazetta (Muratov's news site) Claims 1 Million Soldiers Could be Added 


Russian missile destroys family house of killed EuroMaidan activist 



Molly Crabapple Just Back from Ukraine

Molly Crabapple Just Back from Ukraine and Ukrainian Journalist Anna Grechishkina
Crabapple is a wonderful artist who has done amazing art about Syria
On Democracy Now 


Paul Krugman a big time economist who doesn't usually write about Ukraine 


Ukraine delivers another blow to Russia as it breaches front line on Oskil River 


Russian Fascists Online Threaten Even More Destruction 


Ukrainian Coal Miners Strike 



On Sunday, Sept. 25 at noon Eastern

Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign Meetings

What is happening inside Ukraine?

The stunning success of Ukraine’s military counter-offensive in Ukraine’s north east has taken many by surprise and has received widespread comment. Much of the news focuses on Ukraine’s president, Zelensky. Yet like every other country in the world, the class struggle continues in Ukraine. What was the situation of the class struggle before Russia’s imperialist invasion and how has that invasion affected the struggle? What was the situation in the newly liberated areas of Ukraine and how has it changed? What effect has the recent counteroffensive had on the mood within Ukraine? What are the political perspectives for Ukraine? What are the perspectives for the left in Ukraine?

Hear Vladyslav Starodubtsev discuss these and other questions. Vladyslav is a historian of Central and Eastern Europe, a social activist and a member of the Rada (collective leadership body) of the Ukrainian democratic socialist organization Sotsialnyi Rukh 


MedGlobal "Ukraine: War and Health"

Watch the webinar on Facebook at 1 p.m. Eastern on Thurs. September 8
Hear from Khrystyna Maryniak, Dr. Judah Slavkovsky and Dr. Tania Baban

Click here to get to the MedGlobal FB page where you can watch the webinar 

Danger in the U.S. An array of left groups who ally with any supposed Left authoritarian or dictator is planning a series of "anti-war" actions October 15-30. They see Ukraine as a "proxy war" "provoked" by the U.S. Though they've only been able to get tiny numbers out in the streets up until this point that could change. The best way to counter that is for us to go out with flags of all the oppressed, from Ukraine to Palestine to Syria to Yemen.


A virtual army of impish cartoon pooches is waging war on Russia 

Survivor of Russian strike on Kramatorsk train station: 'Dead people were everywhere' 

Awful take by Noam Chomsky on a Grayzone Program 
Perhaps he hasn't heard what happened in Mariupol
The program is literally called "Useful Idiots" and they speak the truth in that at least
Many of the replies to the tweet are good

Connecting Hiroshima and Zaporizhzhia

August 6.   

A simple online activity to connect tomorrow's Hiroshima memorial to the most pressing nuclear danger today, the Russian occupation of Ukrainian nuclear power plants

Go to Facebook and enter something like this text:


Remember Hiroshima August 6

*** Putin, Get Soldiers and Weapons Out of Ukraine Nuclear Plants
*** Russia, US, Pledge Not to Use Nuclear Weapons in Ukraine
*** Russia Out of Ukraine

and the picture of the Zaporizhzhia power plant attached

Post it on FB and share it with a couple of friends

The U.N.'s Rafael Grossi, director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, has told the AP that is "totally out of control" and “Every principle of nuclear safety has been violated”.

The spoils of war: How Russia is leveraging Europe’s largest nuclear power plant
Putting weapons of war right in the plant!
"The Russians countered by storing “14 pieces of heavy weaponry, ammunition, and explosives,” inside the turbine room of one of the reactors."

Big interest in part 1 of the talk online about how outright fascists are creeping into some Left Spaces. Part 2 is this Sunday at noon Eastern
For some reason I don't see the link to part 2 there.
I'll have the link to Part 2 at by Saturday afternoon

Yale Economic Report Says Russia is in Trouble

And let me make a pitch for interest in the site Countervortex, run by Bill Weinberg, especially the audio of
Countervortex. Most of the last dozen audio pieces (also on Soundcloud) are about Ukraine and the foolishness of Left icons on the subject


Blasting the DSA Statement


July 28

1) Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign (USSC) Criticizes DSA's [No Weapons to Ukraine] statement

2) This Sunday USSC holds forum about Fascist Penetration of the Left 
3) Very good show on Democracy Now! this morning!  The main person interviewed was a Ukrainian woman Oksana Dutchak who talked about a feminist manifesto from Ukraine written as an alternative to another feminist statement.  It's here:
‘The right to resist’: A feminist manifesto from Ukraine
4) This was the original statement that the Ukrainians criticized.  Note no Ukrainian woman signed it.
Feminist Resistance Against War
"We demand a bold redirection of the situation to break the militaristic spiral initiated by Russia and supported by NATO."
5) Here's another critique of the "Feminist Resistance Against War", this one from March.
Comments on the “Feminist Manifesto Against War” - Catherine Samary
6) Links to Far-Right Tucker Carlson's Views on Ukraine (Hold your nose!)


Today, Sunday July 10, 2022 at noon Eastern
Simon Pirani
will puncture Lies and Misunderstandings about 2014 in Ukraine
Click on this link for the link to register for today's Zoom presentation 


Ask Congress to Finish the Job, to Go On Record Calling for the IMF and World
Bank to Drop Ukraine's Debt

H.R. 7081 Ukraine Comprehensive Debt Payment Relief Act of 2022
received by the Senate on May 12
sent to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
This is the membership of the committee 

This link will let you know how to contact any Senator 


Why Should Anyone Care What Jeffrey Sachs Says about Ukraine
by Stanley Heller 


Ukraine Security Service Says Russian Forces Bomed Their Own Proxies
(because they were trying to withdraw from the front) 


Ukrainian Band Performs in Subway

July 5, 2022


Ukrainian band performs in the Kyiv metro


There's a very well-funded group called the Quincy Institute that many liberals follow and is constantly warning about helping Ukraine
I criticize their president Basevich in the top article here:


"The Struggle" video this week features the appearance in New Haven of Brazilian union leaders
who did a solidarity visit to Ukraine


We're all heard the dumb Left dismiss the Maidan in 2014 as a fascist coup
This Sunday July 10 at noon Eastern
Simon Pirani will be speaking about 2014 in Ukraine. Register here for the Zoom event:

I've followed Pirani's work for years at his blog People and Nature


Dave Zirin writes about political prisoner Brittney Griner (with suggestions for action)


Know others who would benefit from these Ukraine Posts?  Email

Remember they're archived here:




Russia missile slams into shopping center filled with people
At least 10 killed


Heller interview with Brazilian unionist on a union solidarity trip to Ukraine


Heller critiques conservative NYT opinion writer who says U.S. is only "prolonging" the war
I call it "Damn Straight we Want the War 'Prolonged'"

Peace caravan bringing supplies to Ukraine

Use google and its translator

Anatol Lieven works at the the foundation set up by Soros and one of the Koch brothers (not kidding)
liberals at Democracy Now! and the Nation love the folks at this billionaire's peace foundation
What do you think of this article?


Freedom of Russia Legion





Back from a Recent Trip to Ukraine with a Religious Delegation

June 19, 2022


First part of interview with U.S. professor (Barbara Wien) who went on a religious delegation to see results of Russian invasion


full interview with her here including a lot about the Russian anti-invasion movement


article "Chris Hedges is Getting it Very Wrong on Ukraine" - by Stanley Heller,Chris%20Hedges,-is%20Getting%20it


"The Alt-Imperialists",The%20Alt%2DImperialists,-Since%20the%20end


and remember the in-person event Thurs. June 22 at 6:30 p.m. in the New Haven library opposite the Green with Brazilian unionists just back from a trip to Ukraine

How Ukraine’s Greatest Novelist Is Fighting for His Country


Wed. June 22 - Brazilian Unionists Talk about Ukraine



June 14, 2022

On Wed. June 22 in the New Haven library at 6:30 Brazilian unionists who took part in trip to Ukraine to meet union members there.

My refutation of Washington Post columnist vanden Heuvel's claim that the Ukrainians are in a "proxy war"


On "The Struggle Video News at this point
about a minute of photos of the fund raiser at Carnegie Hall for Ukraine


This coming week an interview with Barbara Wein about her trip to Ukraine as part of an emergency religious delegation, emotional highlight for her was Babyn Yar.  She also talks about the Russian anti-war movement.

An interesting article I found by accident about a writer named
Anatoly Kuznetsov, once very celebrated in the Soviet Union who was an eyewitness to the immense Nazi massacres at a ravine in Kyiv called Babyn Yar where perhaps 50,000 Jews and 50,000 non-Jewish Ukrainians and Russians were shot dead and dumped


June 3 international support statement


Michael Karadjis to Speak on June 5


Sunday morning June 5 at 9 AM (yes, AM) Michael Karadjis will speak from Australia on "Syria, Ukraine, Geo-Politics and Working People". Go to for more details and to register

Karadjis website has an excellent (long) home page article refuting some of the "anti-imperialist" nonsense about Ukraine.


Watch "Navalny" on Netflix. Alexsei Navalny made it in Germany while recoving from being poisoned by the Russia state. You know that Navalny went back to Russia where he's been in prison ever since. Despite its grim subject parts are quite funny and views of snow in Germany quite beautiful. Astonishingly it shows how Navalny and the group Bellingcat tracked down his would-be assassins and how Navalny called them up one by one until he fooled the scientist on the team to admitting to the crime on the phone. Very high production values. BTW Navalny condemned the invasion of Ukraine during a court appearance.

New links on PEP's archive on Ukraine.


And you may enjoy some of the memes on this news Meme-only satire site


At Carnegie Hall for Ukraine




A score of famous musicians and singers came together last night for a benefit for Ukraine. The gilded hall has 2800 seats. They looked totally full (at least from my perch on the top balcony). I had never been to Carnegie Hall before. The sound was incredible.

The program began with a Ukrainian Chorus singing the Ukrainian National Anthem

A number of dignitaries spoke including President Zelinsky's wife Olena Zelenska via video.

The musical program was extraordinary and went on for some two hours.

To me a song by wonderful jazz singer Cécile McLorin Salvant was one of the top highlights of the evening.

Evgeny Kissin was the last individual performance (Chopin's #2 Scherzo) was born in Russia. He said this to the New York Times. “Unfortunately, I am too old and not qualified to take a gun and go to fight in the Ukraine, so I’m doing everything I can: sending money and taking part in concerts for the Ukraine,” he said. “As a Jew who was born and grew up in Russia, I, having belonged to the greatest victims of the Russian xenophobia, I have always felt solidarity with all its other victims, including the Ukrainians.”

It's not like being in the hall, but I found this video of Evgeny Kissin playing the scherzo:

The evening ended with all the performers singing "Somewhere a Place for Us' from West Side Story

The use of the hall and all the performances were gratis. The money raised (I'm taking a wild guess, $250,000) went to Direct Aid. I believe this is their website.


And Ukrainian partisans put up Ukrainian flag in occupied Kherson

3) Dangerous Labor Law Proposed “While we are miners and metallurgists, teachers and doctors, trade union activists, are defending the freedom of Ukraine at the front, fattened rear rats in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine are stabbing us in the back. On May 12, 246 deputies voted in favour of the infamous Halyna Tretyakova Bill # 5371, which deprives most Ukrainian workers of all labour rights."


Public Demonstrations Again


Think Ukrainian-Americans and all oppressed (Syrians, Palestinians, etc.) should join again in public demonstrations. Besides being a good thing in itself I'm seeing signs of resentment against all the money Biden is sending to Ukraine while there so much misery in the U.S. (from lack of baby food, climate collapse to fentanyl). And some of the campist Left is trying to exploit that. We have to explain to people that ALL the problems including Ukraine must be dealt with immediately


On Ukraine an invaluable site is

A couple of days ago there was a very good piece about how we need to avoid hating the enemy as a nation

On the weekend of May 7th the folks who are supposedly against Russia's invasion BUT don't want any weapons sent to Ukraine held rallies in the U.S. and around the world. The results were pitiful. (BTW I call them "campists" who see the US-UK-Europe-Israel in one camp an everyone else in the Innocent-as-Lambs Camp) The proof is in their very own photos of their rallies.

Timothy Snyder - Russia is fascist

Before you look at the 8th meme on this apge a note of explanation about one word, "Grayzone". It's a website headed by Max Blumenthal who for a few years consistently supported human rights, but since his trip to Moscow in 2015 has become a rank apologist for all the dictators not in the U.S. camp (Putin, Assad, Maduro, Noreiga, etc.). A lot of the Campist Left reads him religiously.


"Help Syrians, weaken Putin" 



Stanley Heller's opinion piece in the CT Post today


"Help Syrians, weaken Putin"


Forensic analysis

For more information see 203-444-3578


"How Can Feminist Solidarity Help Ukraine?"




May 10

Something interesting today Tuesday, 5/10 at noon Eastern on Zoom
"How Can Feminist Solidarity Help Ukraine?"
See for details

See Broadway actors sing song from "Le Mez" in honor of Ukraine


Next Event:

"Freedom for Syrian Detainees -

Protest the Kidnapping of the Alabbasi Family

and American Doctor Majd KamAlmaz"


Hear Naila Alabbasi - a physician and sister of Rania Alabbassi.

Maryam KamAlmaz- daughter of Syrian-American psychiatrist

(taken at a Syrian checkpoint in 2017)

Saturday, May 14, 2022

1 p.m.

On Zoom

Sponsored by Promoting Enduring Peace, Middle East Crisis Committee, People Demand Change


Ukrainian Memes Forces



On Twitter be sure to follow: Ukrainian Memes Forces


Another Russian warship burning


(some material below repeated)


and just announced Carnegie Hall Benefit Concert for Ukraine $90 tickets and up, Impressive program!!


Links to Our Forum



1) Timothy Snyder on Ukraine 2) Video of the April 28 talks 3) Next PEP Event 4) Carnegie Hall Benefit


Very good remarks today by historian Timothy Snyder on Democracy Now! explaining how Russia's war against Ukraine is a colonial war, determined to smash the very idea that Ukrainians are a people and hence why it was necessary for Ukraine to fight long enough until the Russian government is exhausted with the war (like France in Algeria)

See it here

These two links are to the two parts of our April 28 forum on Ukraine and Syria. They're unlisted at the moment. You get the first look.

Part 1

Part 2



Next Event:

"Freedom for Syrian Detainees -

Protest the Kidnapping of the Alabbasi Family

and American Doctor Majd KamAlmaz"


Hear Naila Alabbasi - a physician and sister of Rania Alabbassi.

Haitham Al Maleh - attorney and former prisoner of Assad

Maryam KamAlmaz- daughter of Syrian-American psychiatrist

(taken at a Syrian checkpoint in 2017)

Saturday, May 14, 2022

1 p.m.

First Congregational Church of Old Lyme

Corner of Lyme Street & Ferry Road in Old Lyme

(Use “5 Ferry Road” for GPS)

and on Zoom

Sponsored by Promoting Enduring Peace


For more information see 203-444-3578


The Genocide Handbook

#1    T


Thanks for attending the forum on Ukraine and Syria yesterday (or the illustrated history of Ukraine several weeks ago). We'll have the whole event yesterday online for those who missed it.\


Some things of note

Saturday, April 30, 2022-Yunist Benefit Concert-Stamford Palace Theater 61 Atlantic St Stamford CT
Local Event: "Yunist" Benefit for Ukraine Concert


Alex Kuzma talked about Timothy Snyder's article about the anti-Ukrainian "genocide handbook" published by a Russian government media on April 3. It's here: Since I like to confirm so I read over the article in English. It's here: It is absolutely chilling. At one point it says Ukronazism (by which he means this supposed Ukrainian Nazism) is a bigger threat than Hitler was to Russia!


I've made a meme comparing the defense of the steel factory in Mariupol to that of Stalingrad in 1943. That's sure to raise some hackles because some of the military in Mariupol are in the Azov Regiment and are neo-Nazi. On the other hand the Soviet Army was a tool of Stalin who had committed mass murder of Poles in 1939 and genocide in Ukraine in the early '30's. Still, both these defenses in '43 and today can be admired. Attached is the meme. What do you think?


Next Event: "Prisoners of Assad: Save the Alabassi Family, Save Majd Kamalmaz"
Sat. May 14 at 1 p.m. Eastern online and in person at the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, CT


If you get too many emails and would rather not get these occasional notes on Syria and or Ukraine just let me know.

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